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Soror Dr. Lekonda "Redemption" Rich- Jocelyn

January 11, 1975-August 31, 2017


You bid no one a last farewell

You said goodbye to none.

Your Loving heart has ceased to beat

Your work on earth is done.

The flowers we place upon your grave

May wither and decay

But our Love for you who sleep in Christ

Will never fade away.

The Lord Giveth His Beloved sleep. Sleep softly, Soror Dr. Lekonda Rich-Jocelyn. Never shall dreams break your happy slumber, for God our Father, hath given you rest and sleep. Our sister has passed into the light that is beyond the tomb, far past the vale of tears and sadness into a happier world than ours and into an eternity of love. It is fitting that we, sisters of Soror Dr. Lekonda Rich-Jocelyn, who so peacefully slipped from our chain on the 31st day of August 2017, that we always remember that, “we leave no swan behind.” Word's couldn't describe the pain that we're feeling. You were absolutely beautiful inside and out. In honor of our Soror, we created The Gamma Nu "Faith Walker Scholarship."

Forever in our hearts. 

"In all you do, do it in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:14

In Loving Memory

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